Burger & Lobster *Complimentary sliders 4/10 12-2PM

20150309_190655It’s 5PM.  My brain is OFF.  I head to Burger & Lobster (a.k.a The Most Straightforward Name in the Restaurant Biz) located on 39 W. 19th St. btw. 5th and 6th Ave.  Walking in, you are greeted by lobster tanks (Tip: not a place for vegetarians) and a huge space with a very long bar and open kitchen, big banquettes and party room. They don’t have menus.  What?  Nope, no menus.  They keep it simple. he server informs us there are 3 solid choices: Burger, lobster, or lobster roll.   All $20.   And all come with 2 sides, salad AND fries.  THANK YOU.   My brain can process that.  You can pick all 3 if you can’t choose for $60. The cynical New York side of my brain says “No way! Must be a catch!” No pun intended.  Drink selection, on the other hand, is wide, with suggestions for drinks and drafts that go with either lobster or burgers. 20150309_174654 The Soho Punch compliments lobster, with a strong and refreshing pink lemonade flavor.

I was given the essentials: plastic bib, nappies and lobster claw lobster cracker for some serious lobster cracking.20150309_174843(0)  This place is the whole shebang. While waiting a cool sound track plays by this guy Zarig in the Soho location.  Music is key here and they also host live music, check their facebook for updates.  Warning: since their last Rock Lobster concert announcement I haven’t been able to get the B52’s song out of my head. The staff and service is really attentive and fun, with a great team vibe. 20150309_175210The lobster is fresh from Nova Scotia in the Atlantic, with ample portions.   Lemon garlic butter adds a nice zing, if you prefer that to butter.   Salad is heaping in a small bowl that looks like a cup, a cup/bowl, if you will.  The arugula is wonderfully bitter and the onions and dressing is tangy.  Fries are crispy string fries that taste light. 20150309_180902 The 10 oz burger is a monster made from three cuts of Nebraska steaks and nothing is added for the tasty flavor.  While lobster steals the show, the burger holds it’s own. For a FREE taste, come Friday April 10 from 12-2 when sliders will be passed around and the Governor of Nebraska will on hand to show you how it’s done-well that is.

Let’s talk buns.  Buns, often ignored (yet they are the very thing that hold the sandwich together) however, in this case, they are a perfect match for the giant burger and soft and buttery envelopment for the lobster roll.   The lobster roll is filled with generous portions of lobster. Sans lobster cracker is a much easier way to eat lobster.  Dessert is a perfect way to cleanse the palette with two simple choices, chocolate mousse or strawberry cheesecake, which is also mousse-like.  Chocolate mousse is very light with a darker, denser type of mousse on the bottom.
This restaurant group started with many locations in the UK and finally brought it’s goodness to the States with their first location in NYC and it is BRILLIANT.  Notice the British-ism there?
Note meal was comped for review, opinions my own.

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