Happening NOW-Popchips CRAZY HOT BBQ turning up the heat in Flatiron

Ali Larter is hosting the popchips crazy hot bbq today July 1, from 11-3 at the Flatiron on 23rd and 5th and you’re invited.

One of my favorite things about summer are all the outdoor or rooftop, in NYC, bbqs!!!

FREE popchips crazy hot samples, get ’em while they’re HOT.

They come with a warning, (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

When I opened the bag I half expected the FDNY to show up.

I love popchips because they are tasty, made with real ingredients and have half the fat of chips, making it a sensible and satisfying snack choice. The new crazy hot flavor kicks it up a notch-a must try if you like spicy food.

Win the bbq game by adding these snacks to the table.

The crazy hot bbq has family fun games, like giant popchips jenga, cornhole, and popchips hopscotch, so bring the fam.

My favorite is what I like to call “Dunkahottie” or make a “Hunkacchino”, aka Dunk-A-Hunk!   There’s fun photo opportunities with crazy July 4th props, of course!

There’s beautiful flower arrangements in a grill, which is giving me an idea of what to do with my not so often used garden statue known as a grill.  Remember to hashtag your pics with #popchips #eattheheat #nyc for a chance to win a year’s worth of popchips so you can keep on poppin’.

Are you heading to or hosting any bbq’s this summer?


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