Un-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with flowers and chocolate and sweet gifts and even sweeter and more flowery poetry. Or is it? Sometimes you are feeling more Happy Valenti NO or Meh. Whether you’re getting or giving the “let’s just be friends” vibe or more, here’s a fun candy game to celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day. image

Photo credits: Gary He, Insider Images

Jelly Belly has come out with a new fourth edition of Bean-Boozled. The Jelly Belly family, and it is literally a family, and SNL alum Aidy Bryant came out to celebrate the launch at Barcade in Manhattan.

Jelly Belly Candy Company CEO Lisa Rowland Brasher and SNL Cast Member Aidy Bryant Photo credits: Gary He, Insider Images
. Photo credits: Gary He, Insider Images

This game is not for the faint of heart. image . Photo credits: Gary He, Insider Images

There are several sets of 2 different Jelly Belly flavors with the same color.

Here’s the fun and scary part: the flavor is either the delicious taste you love or if you are not lucky, a really weird or gross flavor. TIP: It helps if you are of legal drinking age to take a shot or sip of a drink to get up the courage to try some of these flavors 😉 ! I tried a couple of the “yucky” flavors. TIP Toothpaste and Lawn clippings are manageable on the taste buds. I only heard spoiled milk is particularly gross and dead fish. Yikes, wonder how the developers come up with these crazy Jelly Bellys!? The CEO shared a funny story about how one of their best selling flavors, barf, yes, barf, came to be. If I remember the story correctly, they were trying to come up with a cheese mix of pizza and it was gross and then they said hey add some acid flavor and we’ve got barf! The rest is history. TIP: Have napkins and a garbage handy, because more than likely you will have the urge to spit the gross ones out or more. As with choosing a mate, sometimes you have to go deeper than looks. It comes with a little easy dispenser which pops up a jelly belly bean which is perfect on the go. The moral of this story, sometimes you have to taste a few duds to get to your jelly jam jam.


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