Get summer ready! Discover Compeed

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get ready from the bottom up.  Dive in feet first into the season with Compeed lifesavers! 


Giuilana Rancic was on hand at a Compeed event at Tenoverten salon dishing on red carpet beauty secrets.

Her go to is Compeed for long hours in heels on the red carpet.  She literally has to think on her feet with various celebrity personalities as well as producers on her earpiece.  You have to be ready for anything! 


That’s why she’s always smiling!  


Compeed Blister Cushions will improve your love hate relationship with your strappy heels to your go to workout sneaks.  If you already have a blister run and get instant relief with Compeed.  These babies have got you covered in style, literally.  They barely show and fit like second skin using hydrocolloid technology to keep germs out, natural moisture in.  They can stay on for days if you want longer coverage.  It’s time we American women discovered the secret European women have been using for 30 years.   They come in different sizes, multipack and extreme cushions.  COMPEED Corn Cushions are also available. Conveniently available only at Walgreens and Duane Reade, they’re so easy to pick up before you need them or when you start feeling that blister coming on.  I love the immediate comfort they bring and the confidence they provide to tackle anything,  including red carpet bloopers to long lines at Trader Joes.


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